When is sales promotion needed?

March 12, 2021. – If your products are sold out, does it make sense to buy brand visibility? Or when the market is already down, can you sell more plywood by advertising?

Industrial marketing used to be ads in industrial magazines, and trade shows. The primary purpose was to show your potential customers that you still exist. The real impact on sales was hard to see.

Nowadays marketing is more versatile and flexible. For plywood companies, good marketing doesn’t have to be big, but it should be continuous. The main company message works in high and low markets. Customers appreciate accurate deliveries, constant quality and quick & pleasant customer service. If you can do that and clarify your message, you have a very good plywood company.

The further step is to align marketing with sales actions. Do you want to gain more customers, bigger volume by customer, higher price, or to sell a larger variety of products? Targeted marketing makes salespersons’ work more effective in different market conditions.