Where did one day go?

March 05, 2021. – It’s been one year of non-travelling. The stop in February 2020 was sharp. No more daily shuttling to the office and back. No trips to see customers or other stakeholders. 

Traveling is a time sink. In spring 2020, I calculated I got an extra working day per week when skipping all travels. Now I wonder, where has that day gone? I am going absolutely nowhere, but I’m at least as busy as when driving and flying.

Being busy is closely related to prioritising. It is a constant struggle and needs daily maintenance. One day you eat your frogs for breakfast, but the next day you get distracted for secondary work. Daily efficiency calls for daily thinking. What is the #1 thing I want to accomplish today?

Positively thinking, as the travelling is not in sight yet, I have time to take my lost day back.