Product lifeline

March 19, 2021. – As a consumer, you can get what you want nowadays. Platforms like Aliexpress and Amazon have an endless variety of different products. Everything comes in thousands of colors and sizes. Often it feels that the big variety makes choosing more laborious.

In industrial business, choosing is not difficult. Customers know what they want and they ask for it. For the supplier, an ideal product portfolio is balanced. It has core products, niche products, and something in between. A producer cannot rely on one product only, but too many niche products are poisonous to productivity. 

When launching a new product, it is uncertain what the demand finally will be. A new product needs decent sales volume to survive. However, too often niche items are forgotten to old-product-sanatorium. And when you try to “kill” a product, deep-frozen customers wake up and demand for continuation.

Customer requests will evolve and plywood products will adapt. Main ones stay, new come in, and some will leave.