Plywood sales robot

February 26, 2021. – In plywood business, the customer-supplier relationships are usually lengthy. Companies know each other from the past. A fresh buyer/seller usually gets her legacy contacts from the previous job holder. New companies emerge infrequently. They need to work harder to create attention and trust. Trust is built with time, numerous deliveries, and good personal contact.

Plywood market goes up and down. All long relationships have ups and downs as well. By plywood availability, the negotiating power in relationships changes. When availability is good, the buyer has the power. When availability is limited, the seller has the power. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Working with people is not simple, though. At this point, social skills step in. How to utilise your power position with integrity? How to achieve your pricing targets without being cocky? Companies have tough targets. They are balancing between short-term objectives and long-term customer relationships.

Frontline persons are the ones to align the opposite views and make the deal. You don’t need to be best friends with your counterpart, but avoid feeling like enemies. If you are good at this, robots will not replace you.