Risk or opportunity

February 19, 2021. – People are different. A few of my friends see risks everywhere. They are really cautious where to step next. Some of my friends seem like crazy lunatics. They may jump off the hill without further thinking what might happen.

In business, it is good to be a bit of both. Listed companies need to assess their potential risks. Economic cycles, pandemics, unpaid payments, emerging market risks, corruption, bribery, information security, human resources.. The more you seek, the more you see.

Creating new business opportunities doesn’t start with a risk list. Lunatic thinking might be more helpful. Trial and error, then fixing an improved version.

I’m afraid that negative surprises will not get fewer in the future. Risks are good to acknowledge. However, the same unknown coincidences that are behind risks are a source of new opportunities.

At present we live risk centric moments. It is tough. It might restrict our thinking. Let’s wipe our goggles to see better the fresh possibilities. They are there.