Who’s responsible for quality?

December 11, 2020. – Everyone of us has done sloppy work. Subconsciously one might have acknowledged that his or her work can lead to further questions, requests, or investigation. In most cases things run just fine, but sometimes our subconscious was right. Turning back to the same issues means additional work which could have been done at one go. Bad quality means more work. This applies when peeling veneer, sending order confirmations or creating purchase orders.

In many companies quality issues have been delegated to a quality or product manager. Perhaps a more descriptive title would be a claim manager, as often the desk is full of bitter quality feedback from customers. In medicine, doctors should focus as much on enabling good health  as on curing illnesses. In the same way a quality manager should have time for process development and preventing actions.

Quality cannot be outsourced to one person only. It lives in each one of us and through us in company culture. Good quality saves time and work. That’s why lazy people like me like it.