Who’s going to be first?

March 26, 2021. – The pharmaceutical companies are struggling with overwhelming demand. Everyone is yelling for vaccinations. Countries are negotiating with all the producers and trying to maximise the shot volumes for their own citizens.

Lately, the situation in the plywood market has sounded similar. There is more demand than supply. Lead times are long and deliveries are late. Just like with vaccines, it is difficult to say when the situation turns to better. Summer is far away and out of prediction-reach. There are many balls in the air and new ones coming on top. What happens when recovery money is going to be pumped to the market? In many countries, building materials are already hard to get.

Are all the buyers going to get enough of plywood before they are vaccinated? Hard to say, but in fact, it doesn’t matter. These two things are not connected. Yet personally, I’d take my covid-shot first because I still have some plywood pieces in my garage. Have a nice and sunny weekend!