What is your trade show strategy?

May 7, 2021. – As much as we are used to remote work, we are alienated from the trade shows. The events have had a terrible year, and it is not looking any better towards the near future. Many people expect permanent changes to remote work and business traveling. Will the trade shows continue business as usual after the pandemic is settled?

A German motorhome and caravan company, The Erwin Hymer Group, says it has enhanced its digital presence during the last 12 months. In addition, the company plans to participate in trade shows less frequently. Hymer Group sees that digital marketing gives flexibility and speed with product launches.

It is probable that Hymer Group is not the only plywood related company thinking like this. Even before the pandemic, companies were considering the real return of the trade fairs. Taking part in a fair requires a big effort, and it is not cheap either. The costs of planning, participation fee, booth preparation, travelling, accommodation etc. easily sum up to 100,000 euros/dollars. It is quite a pile of money in the digital world. 

Trade shows have remained similar for decades. Perhaps the business concept would welcome some renewal. However, the online world can never replace the need of actually meeting people. Business people want to meet and greet. And, when feeling really brave, they might even shake hands!