What goes down will go up. But when?

October 9, 2020. – Based on the National Bureau of Economic Research there were 33 business cycles in the United States between 1854 and 2009. The average growing economy lasts 3.2 years, and the average recession lasts 1.5 years. That doesn’t sound too long! Well, it would be simple if the recession would start on day one and would end on the last day of the 18 month period.

In real life the changes are gradual and timing is not synchronised between different markets and countries. That makes it a hard discipline to master. In moments of sluggish sales and despair it is good to remember that something new is developing under the calm surface of the plywood market. Instead of enjoying winter sleep it is worth being among the developers. Let’s keep our heads up and follow the market signals. The positive turn will come.