Turkish plywood market waking up

In 2017 the building sites in Turkey were busy. A massive 182 thousand m3 of hardwood plywood were imported. Since then the market collapsed, and in 2019 the import was only 38 948 m3. That is a 79% drop. This year the import is picking up again and will certainly exceed the 2019 volume. From January to June the hardwood plywood import was 32 422 m3.

Based on the import data, the lowest point in import value was in March this year. Since then the prices seem to have a slightly increasing trend. There’s still room to grow; the 2017 average m3 value for imported hardwood plywood was 971 €/m3.

The 2019 top three origin countries for hardwood plywood are Russia (39%), Latvia (35%) and Finland (8%). Among the Others, the main exporters in 2019 were Moldova and Estonia, both with a 4% share. During the first half of 2020, Latvia has taken the pole position with 45% share. Import from Estonia is also increasing.