Top two things in plywood sales

September 24, 2021. – During this week my house has been a construction site. Together with a heating system change, we arrange some new rooms in the basement. The “crew” consists of a plumber, an electrician, and “Bob the Builder”. The building and installation work has gone well, but even one week only is long enough to bring surprises.

Our building crew seems skilled and capable in building work. But communication is another thing… Some of the guys forget to mention that they are not coming the next morning. Some don’t see it necessary to say that they have ordered the wrong supplies. 

I understand that communication skills are not the top priority in their education. However, everyone with customer contact can train those skills. Communication is the thing that distinguishes the best from the good. And I guess that is a universal skill in all professions. Also in plywood sales.

Yesterday I told the construction guys, with a smiling face, that I expect two things:

First: deliver what you have promised and deliver it on time. Second: if you see that there is a change approaching, please inform without delay. I think that humble request fits quite nicely plywood sales as well.