Swedish plywood trade reflects the building boom

The Swedish plywood export is more or less the same as Moelven Vänerply’s export. As the home market has been strong, Moelven has steered its volume from export to the domestic market. The main export markets are near. In 2019, Norway and Denmark covered 70% of the total export volume.

Sweden is a steady market for plywood imports. The softwood and hardwood import are close to each other in volume. In 2019 softwood plywood totalled 102 808 m3 and hardwood plywood 89 579 m3. The 2019 top three origin countries for softwood plywood are Brazil 44%, Finland 37% and Poland 5%.

The 2019 top three origin countries for hardwood plywood are Russia 29%, Finland 15% and China 15%. Construction activity is the driver also for hardwood plywood, as most of the import is used in formwork and other building applications.