Should I talk about customer’s problems?

May 14, 2021. – This week Raute, the Finland-based machinery company, held an online event for customers and other stakeholders. The company made a splendid effort bringing people together in a digital forum. A dynamic online session is not a simple task, but technically the event succeeded fairly well. However, the content could have been closer to today’s pain point.

The wood industry is living historical moments. Demand has taken everybody by surprise. Market changes are fast and unpredictable. Plywood production has a hard time adapting to the demand variation. Every production engineer is wrestling daily on how to increase output.

Wood construction and sustainability are important topics. But they are not on the mill manager’s problem list. In May 2021 the list is short: How to produce more? It is a simple question, but the factors behind are many. I’m sure that Raute’s solutions and services can impact the output, both in quality and volume. Output is an industry-wide topic that keeps engineers’ ears open.

Every company’s top priority is to solve customers’ problems. If you connect your solution to the problem, you get full attention and interest.