Segezha Galich building work proceeding

Segezha’s new green-field mill in Galich is rising. The ground works were done in July. Now metal structures are being erected. According to the plan, the metal structure assembly will be completed in December 2020. At the end of August starts the installation of wall panels for the finished goods warehouse and the main production building.

Production at the new mill is scheduled to start in late 2021. The planned capacity of the factory is 125 000 m3 of birch plywood. When ready, the mill will offer work to 600 employees.

Segezha has currently two birch plywood mills, Vyatsky and Kirov. The total plywood production capacity is 192 000 m3. The capacity will exceed 300 tm3 after Galich’s completion.

The group manufactures a large variety of wood based products: kraft paper, paper sacks and bags, sawn timber, glue-lam, MDF, birch plywood, pre-fab houses and pellets.