Resetting plywood mind

Monday 19 December 2022. – When I was a kid my family had a cat called Moro. He was talented at sleeping. He slept most of the day with apparently zero worries in his head. But when Moro was out chasing mice, he was extremely focused and quick. Like a real lion.

2022 has been another suberboost year. The wood business conditions have varied quickly. Depending on the panel product, in 12 months we’ve seen booming prices, sluggish demand, and everything in between. Costs are rising but freight rates plummeting. Cold showers on a sunny day, and blinks of sunlight on pouring rain.

In one week the wood business will slow down for a couple of weeks. The inbox and phone will hibernate. Wheeling and dealing take a time out.

After a busy year, the break is welcome. Sometimes I feel that the busier it gets the less I achieve. Building a venture like Plywood This Week is adventurous and rewarding, but occasionally laborious and exhausting.

Soon, it’s time to get some rest, wrap up 2022, and check the coordinates for next year. After a good sleep, we are ready to hunt the mice of 2023 with a relaxed mind.