Plywood branding

February 5, 2021. – A recent McKinsey study says that the top 5% of the industrial brands capture 95% of the share voice. By share of voice, McKinsey means mentions in publications and consumer media in their sector. Every company would like to be mentioned among the first ones when customers are being asked about good suppliers. To gain that position, it needs frequent visibility and marketing. Marketing used to be so expensive that only larger companies could afford to be in the spotlight. That is not the case anymore. In today’s multichannel world, a good brand visibility can be achieved by little money.

Is it enough if you just keep a big noise of yourself? Well.., no. If your daily performance sucks, customers give little value to your brand. The plywood brand backbone contains accurate deliveries, constant quality and quick & pleasant customer service. A nice-looking brand becomes genuine with the repetitive daily activities.

There is room available in the plywood brand scene. And it is more accessible than ever for all the players in the industry. Good daily performance and frequent brand visibility are a killer combination.