OSB vs. plywood

November 6, 2020. – Traditionally, OSB (oriented strand board) and softwood plywood have been compared to each other in many use cases. The more frequent storms and hurricanes have increased the demand for protection sheets. And it used to be just heavy weather when wooden panels were used for window and house protection.

This week, American business owners have boarded up their shop windows as a precaution for potential violence. A quick look at Instagram shows that the shop protection competition between OSB and plywood is just as even as the fight between Biden and Trump.

The world is full of different materials. The choice of what panel people pick is made of different criteria like strength, price, availability etc. The final selection is defined by purpose and end use. The panel that works best gets the job done. As protection panels both OSB and plywood work. However, the best thing would be that the protection boards are not needed after all and they could be reused for permanent building work. Let’s take it easy and stay safe!