Data Pick

  • German softwood plywood imports declined in Q2

    During the second quarter of 2021, the German softwood plywood imports totaled 98,609 m3. That is 9.8% less than in Q2 2020 (109,328 m3). A year ago the market was hesitant because of the pandemic. In that respect this...


  • Top two things in plywood sales

    September 24, 2021. - During this week my house has been a construction site. Together with a heating system change, we arrange some new rooms in the basement. The “crew” consists of a plumber, an electrician, and “Bob the Builder”. The building and installation work has gone well, but even one week only is long enough to bring surprises. Our building crew seems skilled and capable in building work. But communication is another thing... Some of the guys forget to mention that they are not coming the next morning. Some don’t see it necessary to say that they have ordered the wrong supplies.  I understand that communication skills are not the top priority in their education. However, everyone with customer contact can train those skills. Communication is the thing that...

Curated news picks

  • Losan requests government rescue aid

    Losan, a Spanish wood industry company, has requested a 35 million euro rescue fund from the government program called Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI). The Losan Group is based in A...
  • Rocking plywood chair

    Here’s a comfortable garden chair, but perhaps it’s better to cover it up before rain comes. Check the video in Youtube.
  • Peri Panel Trading

    The first Plywood This Week video interview is out now! We start with a great discussion with Mr. Gunnar Berg on the plywood market, Peri Panel Trading evolution, Peri supplier benefits etc. Check the video in Youtube.