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  • Russian hardwood plywood exports in trouble

    During Q3 and Q4 in 2021, the Russian hardwood plywood exports had a declining trend. However, this can be regarded as normal fluctuation compared to the drastic change in the operational environment in March 2022. In the period from...


  • Plywood year 2023

    Monday 16 January 2023. - Oddly enough, predicting the 2023 plywood business landscape 2023 seems easy. The overall market sentiment is unanimous. Interest rates and inflation are high. Activity slows down. Since the pandemic started in early 2020, the wood panel market has faced surprises one after another. Even if we’d see a steady decline in 2023, some surprises will happen. The world is restless. The USA has a hard time retaining good business levels together with tightening monetary policy. China has hands full with Codiv and real estate problems. Europe is wrestling with the energy crisis and soaring prices. There is no resolution in sight to the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Here’s a simplified plywood market outlook in January 2023: Birch plywood availability will remain scarce. A minor part of Russian production...

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  • Plywood pull-up bar

    Pull-up is an awful exercise but perhaps a plywood bar could make it more fun?!? Check the video on
  • Plyometric exercise

    Here’s a simple but inventive use of plywood (or osb). This should be fairly easy to set up because wood panels are always around, but where to get the tires?! Check the video on...
  • Mountain bike with plywood wheels

    If you don’t have plans for the weekend, this is definitely something worth trying. But be careful, you might lose some teeth! Check the video on YouTube.