Data Pick

  • Danish softwood plywood imports growing

    During the first quarter of 2021, the Danish softwood plywood imports totalled 45,188 m3. That is 39.4% more than in Q1 2020. Within the last five-year period, the 2018 Q1 imports were the highest (46,721 m3). This year’s Q1...


  • Short on good arguments

    June 11, 2021. - In the USA, the plywood people hear that the European buyers pay high prices to win the volume game. In Europe the same story is turned upside down: USA offers better prices and suppliers ship everything there.  It sounds like there is a lack of reasonable explanations why suppliers continuously increase prices. Whatever story that helps to get buyers in digesting new prices, is welcome. In cost-based pricing, price comprises cost and margin. When costs rise, suppliers ask for a raise. This is the easiest way to justify increases. In value-based pricing, price is built on the value customers get using your product. For instance, the value can be gained by savings in the customer's process. In industrial plywood sales, this type of pricing is possible if...

Curated news picks

  • Plywood for mini trailer

    Here’s a mini scale example of how plywood makes a rigid trailer floor. Looks like a pleasant ride! Check the video in Youtube.
  • Sveza opens innovation website

    Sveza has opened an innovation portal to boost its process development. The purpose of the project is to collect innovative ideas from external organisations, individuals and companies. Currently Sveza is looking for ideas to...
  • 23$ to 72$ per sheet

    “I’ve never seen this stuff (plywood) getting into this level, in scarcity, and obviously in price”. Here's a DIY market report from Miami by WPLG channel. Check the video in Youtube.