Data Pick

  • Russian hardwood plywood exports in trouble

    During Q3 and Q4 in 2021, the Russian hardwood plywood exports had a declining trend. However, this can be regarded as normal fluctuation compared to the drastic change in the operational environment in March 2022. In the period from...


  • Pirates make plywood shipping price hike

    Tuesday 23 January 2024. - Three years ago, in March 2021, the container vessel Ever Given got stuck in the Suez Canal. The traffic was blocked for six days, and the main material vein from Asia to Europe was disturbed for several months. Now, the same route is crippled again. Since mid-December 2023, Houthi rebels have targeted civilian vessels passing by the Red Sea. The Gaza conflict is 100 days old but shows no signs of settlement. On the contrary, escalation is a real threat. The British and US armies are striking Houthi bases in Yemen. After a period of container rates "normalizing" post-pandemic and its aftermath, we are again in a situation where freight prices soar. In less than one month, the container price from Shanghai to Rotterdam has...

Curated news picks

  • Plywood pull-up bar

    Pull-up is an awful exercise but perhaps a plywood bar could make it more fun?!? Check the video on
  • Plyometric exercise

    Here’s a simple but inventive use of plywood (or osb). This should be fairly easy to set up because wood panels are always around, but where to get the tires?! Check the video on...
  • Mountain bike with plywood wheels

    If you don’t have plans for the weekend, this is definitely something worth trying. But be careful, you might lose some teeth! Check the video on YouTube.