May I pay for my plywood with Bitcoins?

May 21, 2021. – The way we pay has remained very similar for a long time in the B2B plywood business. Truck is loaded and an invoice is sent to the customer. Truck, invoice, payment. That is simple and works usually fine. When the physical or mental distance between the seller and buyer is longer, L/Cs, CADs, and advance payments come to help.

Although the global sea logistics are currently all mixed up, plywood is still moving from country to country, from continent to continent. Companies have their costs in local currency, but they often sell abroad in some other currency. The currency rates move up and down. This can have a significant impact on annual profit of export/import companies.

Imagine if we wouldn’t have to worry about the moving rates between rubles, dollars, yuans, pesos, dongs and pounds? If there would be just one currency for all the plywood trade? The answer is Plycoin! The one currency that covers all the plywood trade in the world.

I think I will spend my weekend designing the Plycoin logo! Watch out for Plycoin – the wooden cryptocurrency.