Is this the right time for summer break?

June 4, 2021. – As the weather gets sunnier and warmer, thoughts wander on how to spend the holiday. After a long and tiring quarantine winter, it feels stunning to get outside and enjoy nature. Part of the healing process is to get some time off from work.

Crazy. That is the most used word among the wood business people currently. But that’s not because of the summer, but because of the present market situation. The demand/supply imbalance feels infinite. Prices seem to drive a one-way street. At the same time, it is good business but also hard to handle.

And now we head for the holiday season. Production staff want to have their long-awaited vacation just like everybody else. But during the same summer months building sites are hungry for wood and panels. All this will not help the material shortage.

Business people pray for maximum production output. Momentum is here now and every missing production week means lost income and profit. It feels that the mills are stopping at the worst moment ever.

We will see similar market moments in the future. It is good to keep a finger on the market pulse, and rehearse ways to quickly expand and curtail. Holidays cannot be canceled, but they shouldn’t be cast in concrete either. The one that is flexible will earn the most.