German plywood import stable in April

According to the German Federal Statistical Office the April import to Germany was 60 056 m3. While there was a 15 percent drop from the previous year, the April plywood imports remained fairly stable compared to the first quarter of 2020.

The same stable development is visible in prices during the last 12 months. During winter, the average import value per m3 dropped to the level of 500 euros, but in March and April it bounced back to 550 euros. However, June market signals indicate that, due to weak demand, prices are declining again.

The top three countries among German non-coniferous plywood imports in 2019 were Russia (233 824 m3), Finland (122 069 m3) and China (106 138 m3). Even though the Statistical Office does not specify the different wood species, it is clear that the birch plywood dominates the non-coniferous import.