Danger and deterioration

February 25, 2022. – Yesterday a war inflated in Ukraine. That is very unfortunate.

Business and economy feel secondary in situations where people are losing lives and fleeing from their homes. In any case, this crisis will have diverse implications for the world economy, not to mention the diplomatic climate.

If the situation has been unpredictable for long, now it has reached new heights. The pandemic is not over. Inflation and oil price are racing in numbers. The energy market is peculiar.

The Ukraine conflict will add more sunken subsidies, a refugee issue, sanctions. The impact of the sanctions cannot be one-way only. Trading in and out from Russia will become more difficult. On Thursday, the Moscow stock exchange RTS Index reacted with a 39% drop.  On Friday morning the index was bouncing back. Volatility is the easiest thing to predict.

We have learned during the last two years to follow market signals with a close eye. That is the way now as well, together with help and empathy for those who suffer. We will adapt and cope with the situation even how irrational it may seem at the moment.