Can plywood help grapevines?

April 9, 2021. – 10 years ago companies with a climate agenda were judged to be greenwashing. Perhaps it was fluffy those days, but they needed to start somewhere. The intention was good. Good intention lasts for a while, but soon after that you need facts and measuring. What you measure is what you get.

We are still waiting for well-known and comparable methods to measure carbon footprint. However, there are several tools to get you started. Customers have become more aware and they might ask about your relation to carbon emissions. Yes, plywood is sustainable material, but the journey from forest to end user has a saving potential. It is about how much energy is used for 1 m3 of plywood, and how that energy is produced.

Economic growth and climate protection have been seen as opposite powers. What if they would work for the same direction and purpose? The more you’d reduce your carbon footprint, the bigger the customer interest and your plywood sales would get. That logic could make small streams to form a big river.

Climate change implications are unexpected and global. It is not only heat which brings problems. This week French vineyards are in trouble with sudden frost. Let’s try to help them in the long term. It would be great to enjoy Chablis wine also in the future!