Business renewal

July 30, 2021. – This year has been busy for people in the wood business. The good demand is a great thing. However, it also brings along additional issues, problems and extra work. These issues are mainly around availability, and often they are hard to solve. Asking for more money while limiting the volume does not raise positive sensations within your customers.

Being busy with daily issues might blur the big picture. Trees become more visible than forest. There might be underlying issues with your business, but you have put them aside when the market got hot. That is the right thing to do, but developing business further needs time for thinking and planning.

Behind every business renewal is mental renewal. That calls for relaxed thinking. Looking at things from a new angle. Here, the “things” mean yourself, your business and your market.

There are different ways of nourishing your brain. Getting rest and holiday are definitely a few of them. Enjoy nature, sleep, read, have a glass of wine, or exercise. Whatever that works for you. In fact, relaxation is the most productive thing we can do right now. Aha-moments are there to come. Enjoy your vacation!