Brand ambassadors

May 28, 2021. – Companies use marketing to create attention and trust. Now for many plywood suppliers, there are more than enough customers. Extra attention is not needed. It could be even harmful, as it might result in new inquiries that you can only answer “no”.

Most of the companies want to associate their brand with trust. Brand building doesn’t stop even if there is nothing more to deliver. Trust is needed in high markets and low markets. A brand can be enhanced by marketing, but in the end it has to reflect what the company really is.

The sales reps are the best brand ambassadors in the wood panel business. The way they do their work has a bigger impact on the customer’s perception than any of the company’s advertising. A smart and sunny salesperson beats poor marketing material. A jerk salesperson makes the nice brochures and videos feel like a fraud.

On crazy demand moments, the salespeople have a danger of getting arrogant. It is worth trying to acknowledge and avoid that. We all are still in the same boat when the wind changes.