A hidden job market

July 2, 2021. – Every company sometimes sees people leaving or retiring. That is something we cannot stop. But that is also a good thing because it opens opportunities for new employees and company renewal. 

However, finding good staff has never been easy. Whether it is a replacement or a hire for new growth, the experienced specialists seem unavailable. The further you go from your home base, the harder it gets to find suitable candidates. 

At the same time, there are skilled people in every company considering moving on. If a company and business are not steadily growing, it is challenging to find interesting tasks for growing talents. Job rotation is difficult to arrange even for bigger companies. For smaller, it is impossible. 

Would intercompany exchange harm the business, or could it even enrich it? Nobody likes to lose good staff for direct competitors, but everyone could still hire from a competitor. Maybe maneuvering is not that harmful. All companies have survived even when “key” people have left. 

Experience of several companies or businesses is clearly an asset. Perhaps there would be an opportunity for a more dynamic job market within the plywood business.