2022 business forecast: Sunshine and blue sky

January 14, 2022. – Do you remember a year ago how the wood panel demand storm was building up? At first, inquiries sneaked in softly. Soon they got bigger and bigger and exceeded everyone’s capabilities to deliver. The hit sentences of spring 2021 were: “When is my order coming?” and “There has been a delay.”

Let’s knock on plywood, and hope that this year is going to be more steady. At least that is the sentiment for many companies at the moment. Simultaneously companies are well aware of the emerging concerns with inflation and logistics, to mention a few. Naturally, the omicron variant is a threat to production and supply chain, if it binds employees to home quarantine in big numbers.

Whatever comes we will handle it. Still, I really hope that the isolation stops. It starts to be a time to meet again. And that’s in person, not via laptop!